Performance reviews…and company values

Here’s an idea…link the dreaded performance review directly to actions taken based on company values. 

Performance appraisals are often the topic of discussions on leadership.  How can we make them really valuable?  The leader’s job is to assess performance fairly yet we want the process to be less dreadful–for all involved.

Some ideas:

1.  Ask the employee to self-assess prior to the appraisal.  Both parties should reflect and consider before sitting down together.  Both must keep open minds and remain curious when different perceptions are discovered.

2.  “Early and often.”  Don’t let an appraisal be a surprise.  That’s why the word “review” is used.  It should not be news.  Keep appraising performance (‘like the word “praise” tucked in there!) quickly and informally.  That way, we’ve got no surprises when the formal process is scheduled.

3.  Simplify those appraisals by more focus on the company’s values.  I see company websites with great value statements …are they in action in small and large ways?  How ’bout if we state those values on our performance reviews.  Just that simple, keep focused on values rather than competency.  A quick tour of Fortune 500 company websites shows things such as “Speed and agility,” “Integrity,” and “Customer Service.”   If an employee is taking actions directly based on company values…wow!  Not bad.

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